The "F8 Everywhere" Pants

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Protect your batteries and other valuables without losing comfort.

These quick-dry pants are designed with photographers - and gear protection in mind. Made of a lightweight polyester, the pants are comfortable no matter what your shooting scenario is.

Unlike other quick-dry pants, the pockets are completely waterproof, ensuring your batteries (as well as phone, cash, valuables) are always protected when you're out in the elements.

Say "No" to wearing bulky and uncomfortable pants to protect your gear, when you can be comfortable and protected at the same time with "F8 Everywhere."

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  • Lightweight, quickdry material is comfortable to wear
  • 4 completely waterproof pockets


Luke's Story of the Product

Something people don't always know about me ... I'm a bit of a klutz. There was a period there where I went through 3 phones in a year. Seriously, I'm not kidding. None of them smashed, I'm pretty careful there ... but drowning them ... that's another story.

I remember one phone ... I had it in my hip pocket while I waded just past my ankles, (okay, maybe almost to my knees,) while on a beach maternity shoot. I was so focused on getting these amazing photos of the mum-to-be, who was up to her bump in the water, that I didn't notice this swell coming in behind me. It struck me up to my waist.

There went another phone ...

If you've ever been on tour with me, or in one of my classes, or even seen me on a YouTube presentation, you know I have what my family jokingly call Luke's uniform. Light tan cargo pants, with extra pockets. The only thing missing was the waterproof pocketing, which we've now developed and added to the perfect pants for photographers.