"F8 Quick Draw" Camera Holster

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Sometimes a camera is heavy and a quick-draw/quick-release option for the belt is preferable to a camera strap or bag.

Introducing the F8 Camera Holster an all-metal clip for your belt to securely hold your camera wherever you go.

The holster is easy and quick to attach to your belt, and with it's locking mechanism cannot accidentally fall off, or be lifted by a quick-fingered camera thief.

Using the same technology as the "F8 Be There" for securing your camera, the "F8 Quick Draw Holster" will not interfere with using your own tripod mount, meaning that you can transition to slow shutter speeds quickly and easily.

To use the clip, simply insert the clip - and voila! Locked.

Be ready on the go, reduce fatigue and pressure with the "F8 Quick Draw" Camera Holster.

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  • All metal unbreakable design
  • Securely locks camera in place at hip
  • Comfortable to carry - reduces fatigue and muscle wear
  • Doesn't interfere with your own tripod head


Luke's Story of the Product

The 'F8 Cowboy' isn't an original idea. There are a variety of holster systems on the market and I've always toyed with buying one. The problem is, they never felt quite right. They meant needing to change my tripod head if transitioning to slow shutter speeds or they were bulky on the hip, even when the camera wasn't in place.

The idea behind this product is a lightweight belt clip that screws in place to your belt so it can't be lifted - and isn't bulky. Using the same technology as the 'F8 Be There' camera strap, it doesn't interfere with your tripod head as it locks into place at your hip.