The "F8 CamVac" Camera Cleaning System

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Dust, dirt, and other little bits and pieces are the bane of a photographers life. Camera wear and tear is normal, but we want to keep our cameras in the best condition possible.

The 'F8 CamVac' is a portable vacuum unit designed exclusively for cameras.

Featuring a soft brush to clean your lens, mirror or sensor while removing the dust, it also comes with two other soft-rubber vacuum attachments for those hard to reach areas.

The 'F8 CamVac' is guaranteed to help keep your camera clean and working at full capacity.



  • Lightweight and easily portable
  • No hard attachments - soft brush and soft rubber hoses keep camera clean and safe


Luke's Story of the Product

Sometimes I'm taking photos in less than ideal conditions - the Holi Festival is a great example. All that colour thrown around can play havoc with a camera. I need a way of servicing my camera that doesn't risk my equipment but keeps it quickly ready to go - and doesn't break the bank.