The F8 Camera Strap

The F8 Camera Strap

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This shoulder sling strap feels easier to carry than neck straps, and also most other straps of its type. Designed with additional padding to make it more comfortable for the intensive photographer, our strap also features non-slip capability.

There's a special mechanism designed to make sliding your camera up and down the sling easier and faster, making sure that you don't miss the photographic opportunities you encounter.

As a rule, professional camera straps lock in at the tripod bolt, making transitioning to slower shutter speeds time-consuming and often frustrating as you change plates. The 'F8 Be There' safely and securely locks UNDER your tripod mount, allowing you to mount on a tripod quicker and more securely than other camera straps on the market.

Designed with security in mind, this strap is made from a blend of cotton, webbing and mesh in order to make it difficult for thieves to get through.

The mechanism for attaching your camera is also state of the art. With a simple push and bolt trigger, you can mount or unmount your camera from the strap in seconds, but the twist lock means that no-one else can do it as quick - or without you noticing. 

The goal behind creating the F8 brand was making a photographers life easier with better products and easier solutions. The F8 camera strap is the perfect example of what a photographer needs.



  • Ergonomic comfortable shoulder strap
  • Anti-slip strap for under your arm, to prevent sling sliding
  • Lockable camera slider - you determine it's position on the sling
  • Securely locks to your camera without interfering with your tripod mount
  • Anti-theft material means it can't be cut or broken
  • No plastic parts


Luke's Story of the Product

I once thought I'd found the perfect strap and it was great ... until it broke. Looking at the design of the strap, it was ergonomic and handled my camera well, but the plastic clip that attached to the camera shattered and I vowed to not use a strap that was so fragile again.

I found that the more secure the strap, the less comfortable it became - or if it had a degree of comfort, all of a sudden it wasn't ideal because it locked in place of the tripod head and I'd need to switch heads when transitioning to my tripod. With what I do, that isn't always easy and I don't always have time. 

So working with some friends in the camera accessories field, we combined ideas and came up with this ... the ultimate camera strap.

It's the camera strap I've been searching 20 years for.