The F8

The F8 "Wanderer" Camera Bag

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The 'F8 Wanderer' is a camera bag designed for both the urban adventurer, and those that venture a little further afield.

Featuring the ability to shift modes from a Messenger Bag to a Sling Backpack, it allows the photographer to transition from a corporate mode, to street or travel photography.

The 'F8 Wanderer' is also waterproof and is designed to carry everything you need - and more. While most sling backpacks aren't designed for intensive professional equipment, the Wanderer is designed with the pro and advanced hobbyist in mind.

The F8 Camera Bag was designed with airports in mind, it fits perfectly in both the overhead locker and the bag-size check at the airport gate.

Also, it's designed to be extremely comfortable, no matter how you carry it.

Designed by photographers with photographers in mind, the 'F8 Wanderer' is proof that the secret really is F8 and be there!"



  • 2 Modes - Messenger Mode and Sling Mode
  • Easily fits a professional photographer's gear load
  • Comfortable to carry
  • Waterproof to rain and splash - not to submersion
  • Stylish canvas, leather and antique brass design


Luke's Story of the Product

The idea for the 'F8 Wanderer' came on my 2016 India Photography tour, I was talking with some of our guests about the perfect camera bag and realised I hadn't found it yet. I started talking with some bag-makers and leather workers in India while on the tour about construction ideas.

I took all these ideas home with me and spent the next several months designing what would become the 'F8 Wanderer.'

It wasn't until May 2017 when the first prototype of the bag was made that I finally found a camera bag that did what I needed it to do.