We understand that you have questions. While we endeavour to reply to every email within 24 hours, sometimes you just don't want to wait for an answer. To help, we've compiled the most frequently asked questions about F8 Camera Stuff ...


Q. What size am I?

A. Sizing is always a challenge with online ordering, as size standards differ around the world. 'F8 Stuff' works on the Australian measurement standards for sizing.

Please refer to these charts below in order to determine what size F8 Stuff you need to order.


Q. How long is delivery?

A. Most items will now be delivered within 3-5 business days, depending on the speed and efficiency of Australia Post. Some items may take a little longer depending on our stock levels. 

Remember, we're not purchasing items from a wholesaler - your F8 Stuff has been custom designed and put together by us and our partners for you, to give you the best product possible. This means that our supply is dependent on being made, not how quickly we can order it from another supplier.


Q. What makes F8 Stuff better?

A. Quite simply - because it is. F8 Stuff isn't about trying to re-invent the wheel, it's about making what's attached to the wheel run smoother. As photography has become more widely spread as a hobby, manufacturers have made bags fancier and more high-tech, without actually making them better.

At F8 Stuff, our number one focus is functionality - before we introduce a product it needs to pass a strict three-pronged test:

  1. Is this product better than other products on the market?
  2. Is this product going to make the lives of photographers easier?
  3. Do we think this product is simple and easy to use?

If the answer to all three questions is "YES" then we create a sample of the product. The sample is arduously tested in the field by Luke Ballard, a travel photographer who is also our lead designer. If the product works as expected, then it goes into production.


Q. Can I only purchase F8 Stuff online?

A. At the moment, yes. We have been approached by several leading camera stores and adventure outfitters to stock F8 Stuff and we will let everyone know if these stores begin carrying our stuff.


Q. Will F8 Stuff make me a better photographer?

A. Yes.

Well, more accurately, it will assist you in how you take photographs, making the process easier and smoother. That means you can focus (pun intended) on your photography, and have the other stuff be F8 Stuff.


Q. Are you releasing any more products? Different colour shirts? Different designs?

A. Absolutely. Our design team are already working on a variety of new products which we hope to release in a few months.


Q. Why are the t-shirts with the smaller logo more expensive than the bigger logo?

A. We believe every photographer needs F8 Stuff in their camera bag. Well, an F8 Camera Bag and F8 Stuff and ... you know what I mean. Don't think of the smaller logo costing more, think of it as we're giving you a discount on the large logo t-shirts, to thank you for helping us tell photographers around the world about F8 Stuff.


Q. What inspired the designs and concepts?

A. Our lead designer Luke Ballard is a travel photographer of over 20 years. He teaches around the world and routinely leads photographic tours to some amazing countries. He spends a lot of time out in the world taking photos and thinks that gear should be more functional and better to use.

As we couldn't find what he was looking for in the marketplace, we decided we might as well just make it ourselves.


Q. Is F8 Stuff only available in Australia?

A. More or less. We are happy to ship around the world, but we aren't happy with how much it will cost American and European customers to have F8 Stuff shipped to them. We are currently looking for distribution and fulfillment partners on these continents.

We have included shipping internationally as an option, so if you really want F8 Stuff you can have it - but we hope to find less expensive distribution options soon.


Q. Why is shipping so expensive, even in Australia? Some companies offer free shipping ...

A. Yeah they do ...

To be fair, we could do that too, if we included the margin for shipping in our prices. We've tried to keep our prices lower than similar yet not as awesome products on the market, obviously factoring in our costs (we use better materials), logistics and shipping to our distribution center in Australia ... etc.

Shipping is something we are going to be constantly looking at, looking for a better delivery provider to bring those costs down. For now, this is the best we could find to work with. We're sorry.


Q. How do I get more information on Photography Tours with Luke Ballard?

A. Visit Remember Forever Photography's website and check out the amazing classes and tours they have coming up!



If you have any other questions that aren't answered in the F8 Stuff FAQs, please feel free to email us at