Our Story

This is the obligatory talking about ourselves page, where we tell you how we started and how good we are.

The short story is, we're really good - but to understand why, we need to go back to the beginning.

It all began in March 2016. Luke Ballard, a renowned travel photographer was leading a photographic tour through India for the Holi festival. One evening, the conversation turned to camera bags, as one of the guests was looking for a new one, and asked if Luke liked his.

He really wanted to say yes, but what he said was "it's one of the better ones on the market ... but it could be better."

And that's where it started. Luke started sketching and designing and conceptualising what the perfect professional camera bag should be. In his excitement, he got carried away and also found ways to improve camera straps, and even the clothing he was wearing.

Fast-forward a year to the very same India tour, just a year later, where Luke was having a similar conversation about camera gear to Glen Davis, a guest on the tour. Over the following days, Glen helped Luke turn his ideas into a business plan - and by the end of the tour, the two would go into business together as F8 Stuff.

Our concept is simple:

Providing the best clothing and accessories to photographers to make their lives easier.

And so you have F8 Stuff now for sale, shirts and pants and camera straps and bags, all designed with the sole purpose of being the best stuff for photographers.

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